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  1. South Park Magazine | Steal Away / 02.11.14

    Looking to turn up the heat with a romantic getaway this month? Look no further than a cozy table for two at Fish Restaurant in Charleston, says travel writer Blake Miller of South Park Magazine.

  2. National Culinary Review | Oysters Rock / 01.22.14

    We're obvious fans of these kitchen "game changers" here in Charleston, especially accompanied by Chef Nico Romo's signature ginger-soy cocktail sauce and granita at Fish Restaurant - spotlighted in the January 2014 issue.

  3. Flavor & The Menu | Crazy for Coconut / 01.22.14

    Get crazy for coconut as Chef Nico Romo "bridges the flavor gap into Asia" with this top 2014 food trend, spotlighted in the January issue of Flavor & The Menu. 

  4. National Culinary Review | Roast Chicken Rules / 11.06.13

    Don't miss this month's issue of National Culinary Review, featuring Chef Nico Romo's signature sous vide approach to preparing a traditional roast chicken.

  5. Le Dauphine Libere | Nicolas Romo, un chef aux USA / 11.06.13

    Nico's hometown newspaper featured our very own French Master Chef this October with raving reviews...and in his native language at that!

  6. Food Arts Magazine | The Gang’s All Here / 10.08.13

    Fish Restaurant's very own French Master Chef Nico Romo is looking dapper in his white chef's coat alongside fellow Master Chef of France and French Culinary Academy members on the pages of this month's Food Arts magazine!