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A Savory Savoie Tradition: Crozets

03.12.15 | Get Fresh

Nestled high in the dazzling pristine Rhône-Alpes region of France along the borders of Italy and Switzerland sits the region of Savoie. Equally renowned for breathtaking scenery and wineries as the luxe ski resorts that dot the mountainous terrain, Savoie's cold alpine winters are matched by the warm, hearty cuisine of its locals. 

The crozet (pronounced cro-zay) is a classical Savoie staple. The petite, square-shaped pasta first appeared in the early 17th century, and the recipe for this rustic dish hasn’t changed much since. Crozets are typically made from wheat flour, buckwheat or a mixture of both. 

fish restaurant nico romo baked crozets

Chef Nico delicately prepares his crozets from scratch in the same way as fresh pasta. After mixing the dough, the pasta is rolled flat and cut into roughly half-inch ssquares and then tossed into boiling, salted water until cooked al dente, about 25 minutes.

fish restaurant charleston chef nico romo baked crozets winter menu

Although small and flat when raw, the crozets expand into pillowy bites perfect for the rich, baked dishes we’ve savored all winter here at Fish - from quail egg dim sum to Chef Nico's baked crozets with béchamel, peas, bacon and melty reblochon cheese.

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