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Chef de Cuisine Michael Clucas explains the magic of this rustic cooking method made popular in the kitchens of Spain - and why it’s a favorite here at Fish Restaurant.

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Chef Nico Romo brings a Taste of Modern Charleston to New York City next month with a six-course dinner at the legendary James Beard House.

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Sip On This: The Bee’s Knees

04.28.15 | Menu Debuts

Discover the buzz behind the Bee's Knees, one of the Fish Bar's Classic Tuesday cocktails that is overflowing with Prohitibion-era history.

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{Dim} Sum of its Parts

04.17.15 | Menu Debuts

Making dessert decisions is tough – which is why the sweet dim sum at Fish is the perfect solution. Not one, but four signature bites packed with vibrant flavors as delicious as they are intricate. 

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Must Try: The Seafood Pizzetta

04.10.15 | Menu Debuts, Get Fresh

If there was ever “a feast for the senses,” Chef Nico’s spring menu debut would surely be the perfect first course.

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The Naked Truth

03.30.15 | Get Fresh, Inspiration

Chef Nico Romo explains the simple pleasure of preparing the day’s freshest local catch.

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There’s no better spot on Upper King Street to enjoy your victory lap than Fish Restaurant!

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